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June 2022

by One Project Studio

One Project Studio becomes official Webflow Partner

One Project Studio becomes official Webflow Partner

One Project Studio is thrilled to announce that we are now an official Webflow Experts Professional Partner. Our team is Webflow-certified with over 3 years experience working with Webflow in an agency and freelance capacity.

Webflow has approved our application to become Professional Partners and we now stand alongside the 16 other Webflow Professional partners based in New Zealand.

The process to become a Webflow Professional Partner involves a review of our prior work to ensure we are creating websites that are high-quality and functional, as well as completing the Webflow-certification process.

Why we choose Webflow

When we started One Project Studio we set out to keep things purposely simple:

We have seen it all come before, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, and other website building platforms. But what we really wanted to do was launch a studio that just did one thing very well.

One Project Studio focuses on creating beautiful Webflow websites to tell your brand story. We choose to use Webflow because it helps us put the design first, without compromising on performance or functionality. 

Until now you had a choice: fine tuning an HTML prototype and then turning it into a WordPress or Shopify theme line by line, or using an off-the-shelf template with website builders like Wix or Squarespace.

The Challenge with WordPress

WordPress makes up over 30% of websites. For almost 20 years WordPress has been evolving as the web itself grew. However along the way the challenges of security, maintainability, and design have also grown. 

With WordPress and other self-hosted platforms you are touching server-side plugins and code that can literally break the site. A one line code change can cause the entire site to go offline. The plugins and custom themes stack on top of each other and can create incompatibilities and issues with no clear root cause. Things have become better with the advent of hosted WordPress providers, but there are still a lot of challenges that for the average business owner do not translate into value generation. 

For the vast majority of corporate websites and basic to medium complexity e-commerce sites we think there should be no need to jump into the server-side code to make changes. 

The Challenge with other website builders

Hosted website builder solutions such as Squarespace and Wix emerged to take away the complexity of WordPress websites. You can jump into the visual editor and make changes without it ever breaking the site. These website builders are great for non-designers and small businesses to get up and running quickly with pre-designed templates.

However the drawback is that they do not allow the level of detail needed to really make a brand stand out. You can get to 80% good quickly - and for some people this is good enough, but at the end of the day it still looks like a template. Making something that is beautiful and on brand is difficult and ends up being about as much work as custom coding in WordPress.

Introducing Webflow

Webflow solves the challenges with WordPress and other website builders like Squarespace of Wix. With Webflow you can quickly and precisely translate a design into a functional and lightweight website that also has powerful CMS and Ecommerce functionality.

Let’s make no mistake: a custom-built Webflow website is still a lot of work. You still need to understand the fundamentals of web design and how to express this. But it does massively increase the velocity of a project.

Non-designers can jump in and build Webflow sites easily with about the same amount of input as a Squarespace site. But the real value is working with a professional design studio such as One Project Studio to build the design that you want precisely for desktop and mobile platforms. Working together we can focus on telling the visual and content story instead of being stuck in the weeds of front-end code.

Webflow is a hosted solution which means you cannot break it easily like WordPress, and it is automatically kept secure and updated. Because it is a subscription services there are also constant feature updates and improvement being made which mean you can be confident that it is a suitable platform for building on long-term.

Easy to add content from a business Owner perspective

Webflow has two editor modes. The Designer mode allows in-depth layout and design changes. One Project Studio works in the Designer view to create your website. The other view is the Editor mode which allows you to edit images and content, add articles, fulfil e-commerce orders and other content tasks without the risk of breaking the design or the site. It is simple and easy to switch between modes and seamless to publish changes.

Easy Export & Transfer

​​It is seamless to export code and transfer ownership of Webflow sites. At its most basic it is HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Fast & Clean Code

The frontend code that comes out of Webflow is clean and lightweight, loading blazingly quick.

We are excited to tell your story through Webflow Design!

Are you interested to give Webflow a go?

Get in touch with One Project Studio and we can talk through your project and needs.

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