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May 2022

by One Project Studio

The Webflow Report - New Zealand Edition 2022

The Webflow Report - New Zealand Edition 2022

Globally over 480,000+ sites were #MadeInWebflow last year.

Webflow continues to grow in its presence globally as more and more people choose no-code solutions for their web design needs. Webflow is one of the best no-code platforms out there, helping businesses to betterfocus on their core products and services. Webflow enables quick and easy iteration of designs and impactful motion and animation to bring a website to life.

Many overseas companies are starting to look towards New Zealand Webflow agencies and designers to help build new projects and migrate their existing brands to Webflow.

One Project Studio is a Webflow Professional Partner. We are passionate about building beautiful web design that tells your brand story. The flexibility of Webflow is a huge draw for companies who are wanting to move on from legacy WordPress websites and other platforms.

But it is not just us – there are many amazing Webflow agencies based out of New Zealand. The Webflow community here in New Zealand is incredibly collaborative and global-minded and we often engage with other agencies and freelancers alike to share knowledge and skills.

3 big things we love about working with Webflow

1. No-code is quick and easy

Lightning fast development and turn around going straight from design to prototype. 

Webflow makes designing and developing easy and fast. The code that comes out on the other end is just as clean and well structured as if it was hand-coded. Webflow websites are lightning fast and can always be exported back out to HTML and CSS if you want to bring it into another platform.

2. Responsive design

Designing for mobile devices and other platforms is intuitive.

Webflow’s visual editor makes it easy to switch between devices to preview a design. You can add custom breakpoints and CSS to target specific elements.

3. Motion and animation to bring design to life

Motion is emotion.

Webflow makes it easy to add motion and animation through Lottie animation support and the built in animation suite.

Talk to us about your project

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It is that first step that is the hardest, reach out to us for a free vision session to talk through your project and requirements!

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